Already packaged in 1 or 3 ounce bags with photo of goat on bag.

$5.00per Ounce (plus Tax, Shipping & Handling)

  • Betty Lu—A beautiful mocha hue SOLD
    • 5 oz.—$30; $7 per ounce
  • Copper—A light shade of apricot
    • 10 oz.—$50; $5 per ounce
  • Cornell—A soft buttercream color
    • 5 oz.—$25; $5 per ounce
  • Mississippi—Abundant long Type B locks
    • 28 oz.—$100; $5 per ounce


Note: The cloud that we have available has been commercially washed and dehaired. There is some remaining guard hair that can be removed through hand combing or carding to make this soft pygora cloud even more suitable for blending and spinning.

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