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DISBUDDING: Our kids are currently disbudded at 1-2 weeks of age. We are willing to keep horns on a goat upon request, if the request is made before disbudding occurs and the new owner pays in full. Many customers do not want horns on their goats; 4-H does not allow horns in their goat shows, and the debate continues regarding To Disbud or Not To Disbud.Fias Co Farm and104 Homestead have informative posts for further reading on the disbudding issue; you may search photos of broken horns yourself. We are adding our first horned goat to the herd this year and will use his addition as a guide in our yearly debate regarding the disbudding topic.

​​Watch for update photos of available kids. Photos of our available kids and yearling can currently be viewed on our MMF facebook page.

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​​MMF kids are vaccinated, disbudded (dehorned), dewormed, neutered (when appropriate), and administered coccidia preventive treatment before leaving the farm at 4-months of age or older.​ I will be glad to provide update photos and prices of any Pygora you are interested in learning more about. Our herd is tested and identified as scrapie, CAE, Johne's, Brucelosis free. Pygora kids are pre-registered withPBA before they leave our farm.

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  • MMF Cloudy Day--RESERVED
  • MMF  Piper--RESERVED
  • ​MMF Hedwig*--RESERVED
  • MMF Pearson*--RESERVED