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Mountain Meadow Farm

Note: We are not veterinarians and do not recommend medications, we simply share information on what works for us and our goats.


Aural hematoma—Balloon ear; air pillow ear usually caused by mites. We have only experienced this once and treated it with arnica gel and pills daily.

Coccidiosis—Coccidia are protozoan that are present in the intestinal tract of all goats but which can quickly multiply into a coccidiosis infection and become deadly in a weak goat. As a precaution, some farmers treat the entire herd if one member shows signs, of coccidiosis. A weak goat is also administered vitamin B-Complex for at least 1 to 3 days. If a kid under 1 year of age has diarrhea not caused by diet, we always treat it for coccidiosis individually without treating the entire herd.

Cough—While most coughs are caused by simple irritations to the throat or nose from hay, alfalfa or other allergens, a persistent cough can be caused by a virus. For persistent cough, I administer a few drops of VetRx for goats and sheep 1-2 times per day until the cough clears up. VetRx is like vapor rub drops. If the cough is accompanied by yellow nasal discharge, I also administer penicillin, but very rarely need to do this. Occasional white mucous presence or discharge is usually caused by allergies. We always administer penicillin for a minimum 5-day period. VetRx is a staple in the goat medicine chest but usually expires before it is all used up.