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  • ​Our goats are Pre-Registered with PBA (Pygora Breeders Association) before they leave our farm.
  • Goats one-year or older have Permanent Registration Certificates.
  • Transfer of Ownership is applied for at the time the final purchase payment is made.
  • ​Directions for Permanent Registration of your goat can be found at the PBA Registration link above.


  • You may show your  registered Pygora goat or its fleece in sanctioned Pygora goat shows.
  • You may market your goat and its fiber as "Pygora."
  • The word "Pygora" is registered with the Pygora Breeders Association, and only fiber, kids and other products from registered Pygora goats may be called "Pygora." 

Deciding Upon Pygora Kid Color and Fiber Type

Pygora kids are born with their out-of-fleece guard hair color, which is darker than the in-fleece color that they acquire when their softer fleece begins to come in at two months and older. The out-of-fleece color is indicated on their PBA Pre-Registration Application. 

The in-fleece color, determined when a 2" square sample is taken once the fleece comes in fully, is almost always much lighter than the out-of-fleece guard hair color. 

Here are a few samples of the color change that can take place from the out-of-fleece to the in-fleece growth.

White kids remain White kids. I have only had one White kid turn darker as an adult, from White to Medium Caramel out-of-fleece. Her in-fleece color remains White to Light Caramel.

MMF Hooper Out-of-Fleece

MMF Thomas In-Fleece

Our Beautiful 2019 Available Buckling ready to breed

MMF Delta Dawn--Type A Fleece

MMF Hooper In-Fleece

MMF Jamocha Out-of-Fleece

MMF Thomas Out-of-Fleece

  • Cloudy Day--RESERVED
  • Piper--​RESERVED
  • Hedwig--RESERVED
  • Pearson--RESERVED

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​​MMF Brutus--Type C Fleece

Mountain Meadow Farm 2020 Kids 

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Fleece Type is determined by the PBA Registrar once the full fleece has come in, normally at 8-12 months, and a 2" square sample has been submitted along with the kid's Permanent Registration Application. Kida may alao be  Permanently registered when their full fleece comes in without having been Pre-Registered. Fleece Type is determined by the PBA Registrar, but Pygora owners can make educated guesses regarding fleece type for customers hoping for a particular fleece type. Type A fleece is long (5-6 plus inches), lustrous, and falls in ringlets. Type C fleece is short (1.5-3 plus inches) and very fine, with a micron count less than 18. Type B fleece can fall anywhere along the broad spectrum between Type A and Type C. Type B fleece may look very similar to Type A fleece but with less luster, shorter length (usually 3-6 inches), and with curl that has less crimp than Type A fleece. I have a couple of Type B goats on the Type C end of the spectrum whose fleece I almost always pluck, just like I pluck my Type C fiber.

MMF Lotus Blossom--Type B Fleece

MMF Jamocha In-Fleece

MMF Lotus Blossom--Type B Fleece

MMF Delta Dawn--Type A Fleece

MMF Delta Dawn--Type A Fleece