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MMF Hooper Out-of-Fleece

MMF Jamocha Out-of-Fleece

​​MMF Brutus--Type C Fleece

MMF Thomas In-Fleece

MMF Lotus Blossom--Type B Fleece

  • ​Our goats are Pre-Registered with PBA (Pygora Breeders Association) before they leave our farm.
  • Goats one-year or older have Permanent Registration Certificates.
  • Transfer of Ownership is applied for at the time the final purchase payment is made.
  • ​Directions for Permanent Registration of your goat can be found at the PBA Registration link above.


  • You may show your  registered Pygora goat or its fleece in sanctioned Pygora goat shows.
  • You may market your goat and its fiber as "Pygora."
  • The word "Pygora" is registered with the Pygora Breeders Association, and only fiber, kids and other products from registered Pygora goats may be called "Pygora." 

MMF Delta Dawn--Type A Fleece

MMF Thomas Out-of-Fleece

Fleece Type is determined by the PBA Registrar once the full fleece has come in, normally at 8-12 months, and a 2" square sample has been submitted along with the kid's Permanent Registration Application. Kida may alao be  Permanently registered when their full fleece comes in without having been Pre-Registered. Fleece Type is determined by the PBA Registrar, but Pygora owners can make educated guesses regarding fleece type for customers hoping for a particular fleece type. Type A fleece is long (5-6 plus inches), lustrous, and falls in ringlets. Type C fleece is short (1.5-3 plus inches) and very fine, with a micron count less than 18. Type B fleece can fall anywhere along the broad spectrum between Type A and Type C. Type B fleece may look very similar to Type A fleece but with less luster, shorter length (usually 3-6 inches), and with curl that has less crimp than Type A fleece. I have a couple of Type B goats on the Type C end of the spectrum whose fleece I almost always pluck, just like I pluck my Type C fiber.

MMF Jamocha In-Fleece

MMF Hooper In-Fleece

MMF Lotus Blossom--Type B Fleece

MMF Delta Dawn--Type A Fleece

MMF Delta Dawn--Type A Fleece

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Deciding Upon Pygora Kid Color and Fiber Type

Pygora kids are born with their out-of-fleece guard hair color, which is darker than the in-fleece color that they acquire when their softer fleece begins to come in at two months and older. The out-of-fleece color is indicated on their PBA Pre-Registration Application. 

The in-fleece color, determined when a 2" square sample is taken once the fleece comes in fully, is almost always much lighter than the out-of-fleece guard hair color. 

Here are a few samples of the color change that can take place from the out-of-fleece to the in-fleece growth.

White kids remain White kids. I have only had one White kid turn darker as an adult, from White to Medium Caramel out-of-fleece. Her in-fleece color remains White to Light Caramel.

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