Donna's Darlings

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MMF Oberon--Baby glamour shot at 1-day-old (4-2-2019); a larger Oberon with creamy coverage on May 5, 2019. Fleece has not yet come in.

MMF Tiny Dancer

at 1 Day Old (3-2-2019) Glamour Shots and on

4-28-2109--Still a sweet, petite girl; her fleece has not yet come in.

Nutmeg 5-4-2019

Nutmeg Glamour Shot--1 Day Old (3-4-2019)

MMF Salted Caramel--During his glamour shots at 1-day-old (3-14-2019) and on 5-4-2019. His fleece is just barely starting to come in; fleece coverage looks solid. Love his antics of sticking his tongue out at the camera.

Jami's Joys

MMF Parsnip Day Old Glamour shot (2-24-2019); Parsnip on 4-28-2019. She is a light champagne color that is a bit darker and with a bit more of a silver shine than the sun-bleached image here.

MMF Chocolate--On his "Birth"day (with dam Jilly Jally 3-3-2019), during his 1-day-old glamour shot (3-4-2019), on 4-22-2019 and on 5-4-2019. his fleece is beginning to come in lighter and very soft.

Mountain Meadow Farm

MMF Midnight Oasis at one-day old (2-26-2019) and on 5-5-2019. Her fleece is beginning to come in very soft and still black. She is a big girl.

Murphy's Marvels

Xanthos Day Old glamour shot (3-16-2019); growing into his long legs, 5-4-2019, fleece not yet coming in but coverage already has lustre.

MMF Sir Elton at 1-Day-Old Glamour Shots and on 4-28-2019--A stout little guy who loves cuddling his sis.