Mountain Meadow Farm

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​Buckling--​HOLD-- born 3/14/2018

Sire: Mountain Meadow Farm Hughbert

Dam: Hawks Mountain Ranch Daisy

​​Out-of-fleece: A stocky light caramel buckling who is full of spunk and testosterone. He was covered with curls when he was born.

In- fleece: His fleece is sure to be Type C. His fleece is short and super soft with a dorsal ridge of longer fleece. His dam has Type C fleece. His fleece color will be White to Lt. Caramel. His dorsal strip of guard hair contrasts with the super soft short fleece that is coming in to form a Mohawk hair style.

Pi is a smart kid. While the other kids ignored or avoided a ball introduced to their pen, Pi figured out how to paw it out from under a bench and roll it around for entertainment, inticing the others to play.