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Raw Fiber

All Prices plus Tax, Shipping & Handling

Our hand-plucked Type C Raw Fiber is often ready to spin with minimal to no hand dehairing needed. 


5.4 oz. Type C hand-plucked fleece, no visible guard hair, 3-4” staple

3.2 oz. Type C plucked and combed, very little guard hair, 1.5-3" staple.

Moon Shadow's Type C fleece has taken on B characteristics as she ages but it remains very pluckable. Our fiber mill owner handspun some of this fleece unwashed directly from the harvest box. 

$50 for entire 8.6 oz.

Our Sheared Types A, B and C Raw Fiber are available upon request for those who understand that approximately 20 hours of hand dehairing is needed for one pygora fleece. Guard hair must be removed in order for Pygora to be worn next to the skin.

Raw fleece from specific goats may be reserved before fleece is processed into cloud or roving.

We offer very fine, ready-to-spin, raw fleece from our kids' first shearing and sometimes from yearlings who still have very fine kid-like fleece. 

Upon special request we reserve raw fleeces for experienced spinners. Our raw fleece is unwashed but does get some loving hand dehairing with Valkyrie mini combs  prior to packaging.