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​All our kids are Pre-Registered with Pygora Breeders Association before leaving our farm. Registration and Transfer of Ownership fees are included in the purchase price of your goat.

Many of our kds will already have their permanent PBA Registration Certificates.

PBA permanent registration requires that a fleece sample be sent to the PBA Registrar for color verification and fleece Type determination.

​Forms are located at the Pygora Breeders Association website 

If your newly purchased Pygora kid is Pre-Registered, you may apply for Permanent Registration when the fleece has fully grown in and a fleece sample is 3 or more inches long by taking the following steps:

  1. Take a full color side-view photo of the goat in-fleece with head facing camera.​
  2. Cut a 2" square fleece sample from the barrel, the rib cage area, and place the sample in a ziplock snack size bag.
  3. Label the bag with the goat's name, date of birth, tattoo letters and numbers, the date the sample was taken and the in-fleece color.
  4.  Place the printed color side-view photo, the fleece sample, your Registration Completion Form and the goat's Pre-Registration Certificate in an envelope and mail to PBA Registrar, 54020 Dahlgren Rd., Cappoose, OR  97056.

PBA Registration


Note: I will be glad to email a copy of the goat's Pre-Registration out-of-fleece photo to the new owner so that the in-fleece photo can be added to the same page and sent to PBA for Permanent Registration along with the fleece sample.