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Mountain Meadow Farm

​All our kids are pre-registered with Pygora Breeders Association before leaving our farm.

Many will already have their permanent PBA Registration Certificates.

PBA permanent registration requires that a fleece sample be sent to the PBA Registrar for color verification and Type determination.

If your newly purchased Pygora kid is Pre-Registered, you may apply for Permanent Registration when the fleece has fully grown in and a fleece sample is 3 or more inches long by taking the following steps:

  1. Take a full color side-view photo of the goat in-fleece.​
  2. Cut a 2" square fleece sample from the barrel, the rib cage area, and place the sample in a ziplock snack size bag.
  3. Label the bag with the goat's name, date of birth, tattoo letPters and numbers, the date the sample was taken and the in-fleece color.
  4.  Place the printed color side-view photo, the fleece sample, and the goat's Pre-Registration Certificate in an envelope and mail to Pygora Breeders Association, 538 Lamson Rd., Lysander, NY  13027.

PBA Registration


Note: I will be glad to email a copy of the goat's Pre-Registration out-of-fleece photo to the new owner so that the in-fleece photo can be added to the same page and sent to PBA for Permanent Registration along with the fleece sample.