For electric shearing, we use the Lister clipper by Wahl with A2F blade. For hand shearing we use a No. 10 Producer's Pride Double Bow sheep shears then touch the goats up with the Lister electric clipper. The hand shears are super sharp and great for cutting sample locks or for cutting those Type A crafting curls.

We have our electric clipper blades sharpened annually at Premier1 Supplies. We sharpen the hand clippers ourselves.

We can never have too many picks for cleaning and plucking fiber.

I purchase my picks at Sally Beauty Supply.

Comb &Trimmer
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Shearing & Hoof Trimming

Mountain Meadow Farm

We have found that the Safari dematting comb for dogs works great for stubborn mats in goatfleece but is very sharp and should be used with care.

We try to wear leather gloves when using the dematting comb.

For routine hoof trimming, we use Saboten 1210 hoof trimmers.