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Mountain Meadow Farm

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Sire: HMR Abramo
Dam: MMF Beatrix

DOB: 4-28-2020


Tiggy Winkle is a Dark Grey Agouti with abundant curls. She has just a slightly smaller build and a bit more white on her crown than her twin Twinkleberry. Tiggy's fleece is beginning to come in a Medium Grey color as opposed to the Dark Grey on her twin and with slightly tighter curls than her twin. Combined, these two will give a new owner a fantastic supply of Grey fleece. Sire, who was a Brown Caramel out-of-fleece kid,  is now a light silver grey out-of-fleece and has long, abundant Light Caramel Type B fleece. Dam has gorgeous Grey Type A fleece. These two should produce colorful kids with nice fleece and give some great fleece themselves.

Ready for Relocation 9-28-2020


MMF Tiggy Winkle--RESERVED