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Mountain Meadow Farm

MMF Wildflower –SOLD-
Born 4/15/2018
Sire: Mountain Meadow Farm Hughbert
Dam: Mountain Meadow Farm Moon Shadow

 Out-of-fleece: Grey Agouti

 In-fleece: Coming in as Type B grey agouti.

Our newest doelings, Wildflower & Jasmine. Wildflower is a Light Grey Agouti, and Jasmine is a solid White doeling. They will likely have Type B fleece. Their dam is the only Type C goat that we shear or pluck twice a year due to her heavy abundance of fleece. Their sire has Type B Brown fleece that is thick, long and full with hues of light brown and auburn.

Wildflower is an independent kid who is as comfortable lounging with one of the other does as with her dam and sister. She is a petite girl who is much shorter than her twin sister. These two are the youngest of our 2018 kids.